The intersection of Tech, Sports and Media.


An international, multi-discipline team of experts, working toward the future of sport tech.

We bring together a broad range of expertise – video content editing, javascript development, sports broadcasting, UX/UI design, fundraising, iOS & Android development, data & analytics, mergers & acquisitions – to build great digital products for sport.

Mobile & Web Technology

Smartphones and majority 4G/5G coverage have carved out the future in how we interface with the world. Yet still, there are massive areas of our day-to-day with room for an upgrade. We’re in the business of discovering where remote access to (& recording) content and data, communicating with others, and hybrid-device interfacing has yet to show its true value.

Sports Data & Analytics

The technology & level of access behind modern sports broadcasting has remained mostly the same since the 70’s — revolving around professional-grade sporting, licencing agreements, and curated top-down displaying of data. It’s time to flip that on its head: grassroots & semi-pro, online streaming, and on-demand data & analytics access.

Video & Social Media

The rapid development of high definition cameras inside your smartphone has lead to a revolution in recording video — high quality, original video content doesn’t mean spending thousands in pre- and post-production anymore. Combined with social media offering free-for-all access to platforms and communities to consume live streaming and videos, the modern broadcasting model has shifted to a more personal, custom consumption model.


10+ years of developing commercial relationships.

Across our teams, products and businesses we’ve developed a wide network of connections into leading companies & organisations, governing bodies, and sports clubs, both in Australasia and Europe.

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Our Products

Exploring product/market fit, developing user-growth, expanding revenue streams.

With 180,000+ matches recorded – a total of 4.2m replays – My Action Replay is giving sports fans & players the ultimate personal sports tool.

My Action Replay (MAR) brings an affordable, ball-by-ball recording hub to schools, grounds, and clubs.

Our MAR Hub hardware enables coaches, fans, or family members to record 15-30s clips as they score a game in our app – via either a handheld camera, or a pre-installed fixed camera.

How it works: Say someone hits a 4 in a cricket match. The scorer hits ‘4’ on the scoring keyboard in the app, and the camera can automatically record that against who was batting, bowling, time, the current score etc.

We’re giving aspiring players (and their families / fans) the ability to watch grassroots sports live, and re-live every step of the action afterwards.

Our award-winning global cricket player, fan, and organisation engagement platform boasts more than 2.5m users in 50+ countries.

cricHQ is the core of cricket player, club, fan, and organisation engagement & match-based data management across the globe.

Our deeply customised cricket management & scoring system includes player & team management, competition draw/fixture generation & management, and real-time match scoring with optional ball-by-ball video recording via integration with MAR.

In 2017 cricHQ won the Best-Integrated Digital Media award at Sports Tech Awards in 2017, and was a finalist for the same award at UK Sports Tech Awards.

With YoY user growth across the globe, we are developing more user-friendly commercialisation models, while also scaling up into sister-products for different sports alongside our years of industry relationships & experience.

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